I received this contribution to my Testimonial Page last night. She is a client that has worked with me for a few months. I include it here not so much because it talks about me, that’s what the testimonial page is for, but because I find what she says to be inspiring to the singer in each of us. Hopefully it will have a similar impact on other readers on how you think about your voice and singing.
To Michael,

I thank you dearly for sharing your wisdom and energy in our vocal lessons together. You have taught me more than how to produce good tone or how to use my voice safely. You have made me realize that voice is a natural expression of life energy, and most importantly it is an expression of human feelings. Art cannot be taught, but you have pointed the way and wisely you’ve pointed to the heart. As a result, I am in touch with the artist within me, and I sing from my heart. So thank you.
To aspiring singers,
The voice is our instrument. That is in essence what we play, and we must play it well and safely. But this instrument is also living and can get hurt, can fatigue, can be overused and misused. Like a pianist who practices daily, we need to do that and more. We have to understand the voice, connect with it, become friends with it, and take care of it.
With Michael I have explored new territories with regards to where my voice can go. And I know there is much more to come. His use of images and science to explain function is phenomenal.
As a voice teacher, he gives his unwavering attention, energy, and information during a session. He remembers where you are at vocally, what you’ve accomplished, and what you are struggling with. He not only tells you what you need to do and how to do it, but also why you need to do it. You are then inspired to sing.
Like few great teachers, he makes sure you know you did it all by yourself.
If you are overwhelmed by and tired of the infinite opinions on singing and the endless claims to good singing, this site is a step away from the beautiful and healthy voice that you’re looking for. You will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with taking vocal lessons with Michael.
Mirvat Ammouri, Aspiring musician, Beirut, Lebanon