Fear is an instinct that keeps us alive. But for the singer it can impede our progress in a multitude of ways. In this video lesson I talk about the various ways fear can get in our way.

The most obvious fear we face is stage fright, or performance anxiety. You can call it many different things, but getting up in front of other people and singing can be frightening.

The fear can be mild or crippling depending on the person. Careers have ended because of this fear. But for most of us it is only to a degree that we can deal with it and still get the job done.

Interestingly, it doesn’t matter how many people we are in front. We would think the larger number of people the more fear we would feel. But I usually have more effect from smaller numbers with auditions in front of one or two people being the worst.

Watch this video lesson to find out some of the less obvious forms of fear we may face as singers.

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