WOW! This advice was so absolutely SPOT ON! This is working beautifully for me. Thank God for you, because I rehearsed with my son several days ago and he said my voice sounded great! I’m amazed. The advice about my throat staying open was so valuable too. That made a huge difference. Thank you Michael!
I really appreciate this advice from you.

I am so glad to hear this from you! There was another aspect to your situation that I neglected to mention. The registers. The break that you are referring to is the transition area between the two registers. So what you described tells us that your lower register is weak. The remedy is what I discussed in the previous e-mail. The lower register has a different feel than what you are used to in the rest of your range. It is more of a spoken quality. Exercising the lower register is actually beneficial to the whole voice. Doing 3-note ascending scales starting as low as comfortable and working up is a nice, basic but effective one. You basically imitate a man and work that up. This should absolutely stop at the E where your break is. This is strictly a strengthening exercise and should not be the normal way of singing, even in the low range. This helps the upper register as well because it strengthens the action of the voice.