In the exercise for the laryngeal tilt, David Jones speaks of using a slightly deeper vowel on the second, higher note. What does he mean by “a slightly deeper vowel” – does one achieve a slightly deeper vowel by lowering the larynx slightly, by imagining the larynx lowers slightly, or by colouring (covering) the vowel slightly?

Thanks for your question. Actually you answer your own question. All three things you mention are involved. Generally the last one, adjusting the vowel, is the most common and easiest tool for influencing the laryngeal tilt. There is one other important aspect involved that tends to get overlooked. The tilt only really happens if the vocal cords are approximated effectively. This means that they are close together and slightly stretched while vibrating and not leaking unvocalized breath. The majority of the functioning of the voice involves muscles, and these muscles need to be freely active, not passive or relaxed. This is the only way to ensure complete functioning of the voice. So the tilt only happens as a part of the complete function, and is dependant on the proper lowering of the larynx. (which is really just the stabilizing of the larynx) These things don’t happen because we try to make them happen because someone told us they should happen. They happen naturally as part of the complete action of the vocal mechanism. We have to set up the necessary conditions and then the coordination of the muscles happens as a reflex to what is needed to fulfill the desire of a pitch and vowel. The tilt is the way the body is designed to stretch the vocal folds thinner for higher pitch, so it should be an automatic reaction to the change of pitch. And this all starts and is stimulated by the perfect attack. Garcia popularized the concept but it was the norm of traditional singing that the attack controlled everything during the phrase. Lindquest talked about this a lot, that if the attack was right everything else tended to fall into place. So I guess my point is that if the attack is off then the attempt at laryngeal tilt will likely be fruitless.