Welcome to the next episode of the VocalWisdom.com masterclass Podcast Series. Before getting to the next episode I want to thank the several people who have contributed financially using the Donate button on the Home Page. That is certainly a welcome way to show how much you value the video classes. Thank You!

Now, today’s class is about singing non-classical styles with functional balance in the way I talk about. This comes from a question sent by one of the people I teach through my recorded video lessons.

He is obviously familiar with the concepts I teach, but he is still trying to figure out how they apply to other styles of singing where the assumption is that what is expected in those styles is inherently contradictory to good function.

There may be some techniques that don’t cross-over very well, but I try not to teach techniques. I am more interested in learning the fundamental building blocks of the functioning of the voice and using that understanding to express the style of singing we feel in our artistic self.

As I discuss in the video, functional balance starts with the relationship between the breath and the vibration of the vocal cords. From that starting point we can create a wide range of vocal expressions.

Our job is to figure out how we can express the musical ideas we have in our imagination with a well-balanced voice so we can keep the health of the instrument for life. Unfortunately, many of the ways non-classical singers express with the voice is risking the health of the instrument. And the reality is many classical singers fall into that group, as well.

Watch and listen to this class to find out if we can keep the functional balance of our voice while singing other styles of music.

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