Dear Michael,
I believe that you are providing an excellent service to singers.
A choral director at my church is struggling with something she calls “scooping” and as one of her singers I’d like an explanation of what she means. Is there a more explicit term she could use? And how might she try to help the choir members with correcting the problem?

I’d appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you for your question. I find coming up with an answer challenging. Scooping refers to sliding up to the intended pitch, usually at the start of the phrase. In cultivated singing that is considered sloppy and inartistic. The desired manner of approaching a note is directly into the center of the pitch. This requires a clear mental image of the intended pitch and the vocal coordination to articulate that pitch. Articulation is usually thought of relating to pronunciation of consonants but we also need to pronounce the pitch, which is part of the sung vowel. Perhaps a demonstration would clear it up. Ask her to demonstrate what she means. It should be very clear then.