I want to start by sharing an email I received yesterday in response to these new video classes. She states very nicely my premise for doing these. It is encouraging to hear someone really get it. So I wanted to share it here to help others understand what I’m going for with my teaching.

“Hello, I’d like to congratulate and thank you for the podcasts you’ve just started uploading on your site, it’s a great idea! It is so helpful when somebody is making a video and can actually show certain things. When I can watch you the message is much more accurate because I see you demonstrating what the words you’re using really mean.

You know, I’ve never seen anybody describing singing with the approach that focuses so much on our nature. It is so simple, down-to-earth, almost like pure anatomy and physiology, even physics from time to time ;) Probably you’re quite used to it now but this way of teaching is really rare!

It is as if the mental picture, imagining singing is becoming more complete so it feels like I’m almost starting to sing better just because of listening to you because I imagine it differently now, it’s so funny. So thanks again and I hope you carry on with the podcasts!

PS It’s great that you don’t cut the videos down to just a few minutes, I see describing it all precisely takes time but all this talking sometimes can really be better than just singing exercises endlessly that could still make no good for you and you don’t know why.”

This next class addresses a question regarding how to go to full voice. The person asking the question stated he had found a big benefit from exercising the lighter voice I describe in my article “The No. 1 Mistake Singers Are Making”. (Available by joining the free VocalWisdom.com Community on the Home Page)

The challenge he was finding was how to go from that nice, easy vocalization to a full, performance quality. Without resorting to his old habits of pushing or pressing.

Watch this class to find out how we can sing with our full, complete function with the ease and flexibility of the pure, light voice.