I came across this on YouTube while looking at different vocal instruction videos. I’m just sampling what is out there because I’m working on launching a video instruction service. I saw the headline “How To Sing Opera – Lesson 1 – The Key is Kermit”, and I thought, “this will be interesting.”

Well, once I started watching I thought this has to be a joke. But unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be. This just shows that anyone thinks they can teach how to sing. And it also shows how there is a complete lack of understanding of how the voice works. It is kind of amusing, but also sad at the same time.

Now, obviously, this guy is not an educated singer or voice teacher. But it is an example of the general public’s idea of what opera singing is. And many so-called educated singers and teachers aren’t much better. Maybe they can quote the textbooks, but their techniques are just as misguided.

The average person hasn’t tuned their ears to hear the characteristics of the voice. They can’t distinguish between a sound created one way versus a sort-of similar sound created in a completely different way. I would actually say that even among people in the classical world there is some level of misconception about what creates the rich, colorful tone quality of a good singer.

It is obviously not the product of making a “kermit” sound. It is less obvious, but just as true, that it is not made by “opening” the throat by pulling the tongue down with a yawn. This is actually very common among college opera singers because they are being taught that. And it is no surprise because you just need to turn on the Saturday broadcast from the Met to hear the so-called best singers in the world doing the same thing.

If you happen to be new to singing and it isn’t obvious to you that this is complete idiocy, let this be your first lesson of what NOT to do.

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