How to Sing

I receive questions enquiring about nearly every aspect of using the voice. But ultimately the question everyone wants answered is How to Sing.

This is really what we want to know. The problem is this can’t be answered with a single answer. And it really can’t be answered with words. Learning how to sing is a process that can take some time. How much time varies by the individual.

The reason there isn’t a nice, easy answer is because singing is both a skill and a behavior. What does that mean?

Often we think if we can just find the right information or the right answer we will be able to sing like we want. Unfortunately that’s not the case.

Singing is a physical skill that needs to be developed. Like throwing a ball, riding a bike, dancing, running, jumping. All skills can exist at various levels of development. This is judged by the consistency and accuracy of the result.

When we begin doing the skill we may demonstrate a decent level right from the beginning. Others of us may show no coordination for the skill and be discouraged from continuing. The person that demonstrates some aptitude for the skill will be encouraged to continue. And through just doing the activity will develop improvement in their skill level.

But there will always be some limit to what is possible on our own. Finding a guide, someone who knows how to not only perform the skill, but communicate how to develop the skill, is needed to improve to high levels.