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VocalWisdom.com is dedicated to presenting and explaining the fundamental principles of natural vocal function. This mission began with interpreting the teaching of Allan Lindquest, one of the last direct links to the Old Italian Masters of vocal technique, specifically Manuel Garcia II and Giovanni Battista Lamperti. Lindquest learned this primarily through his study in the Swedish/Italian school of Dr. Gillis Bratt, who studied with associates of both Garcia and Lamperti, and was responsible for the training of such singers as Kirsten Flagstad, through Joseph Hislop Jussi Björling, and numerous other world-class singers of the early 20th century.

Allan Lindquest studied with two authorized teachers of the “Bratt” school while in Stockholm in 1938-39, Joseph Hislop-who was influential in the development of Jussi Björling, and Haldis Ingebjart-Isene who taught Flagstad after the death of Dr. Bratt. It was from these two that Mr. Lindquest learned the principles of the total response of Security in Singing. These being a coordinated development of the singer’s body, mind and heart in unison from the beginning of study.

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