I hope you had a nice Christmas weekend. If you don’t celebrate Christmas just consider it a wish of goodwill.

This week I want to share a tip that I’ve developed over the years to help accomplish balance in the actions we do. This is a saying I use when answering a common question I receive frequently.

Maybe you have felt this way at times, where you notice you can do things either this way or that way. And want to know which way is right.

The thing I find myself telling those with this question is usually the answer is figure out how to do both.

The reason I give this answer isn’t to be funny, it is because we need to create balance in our body. And the way to do that is to have two opposing acts working together at the same time.

This is how we accomplish balance in our breathing, especially in the way we coordinate the exhale while we vocalize. In the video I discuss several examples. Let me know if you find this helpful in the comments at the bottom of the page.

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