Thanks for your interest in the Private Community.

Inside you will have the opportunity to discuss vocal topics with others and myself from the perspective of Natural Vocal Function espoused by

It is always easier to accomplish our objectives if we have guidance keeping us on the right track and support to keep us going when things get tough.

This will also be the new home of the Masterclass series. All future question and answer discussions will be here as well as singer analysis.

Because the group is private I will be able to analyze and discuss various singers to show what is worth modelling and what we can improve on.

You will be able to ask questions on whatever you are working on and even get feedback from other members and myself.

The Private Community will be hosted on Facebook as a private group.

Using Facebook gives us the opportunity to do live classes, record feedback, record questions with the video and live streaming options.

We can post articles, YouTube videos, audio recordings and written chat easily in one location.

Unlike the website, this will not be free. There will be a monthly subscription of $10/month.

This should seem like a minimal expense compared to the potential huge value you can receive. Although it is up to you to get involved.

It is my mission to help 10,000 people better understand the nature of their voice. And this is the next step in fulfilling that mission.

So come join the group and take the next step to truly understanding your voice!

Use the form on the right to let me know you want to join. I’ll send you an invoice to set up payment, and the link to the Facebook group. Thanks! Private Community Membership

Contact me below. I will send you an Invoice to set up payment and the link to the Facebook Group.

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