I’m starting a new research project that I hope to compile into a book. The basic premise is to collect as many questions about vocal issues as possible and try to figure out any recurring themes.

From this collection of questions I’ll take the top ten and write thorough answers to them to make up a simple and handy Kindle book. Maybe even have supplemental videos as well.

So the first step is getting questions. This is where you can help. I need your questions. And actually, they don’t need to be your questions. What do you think are the important questions that need to be answered for any singer?

So even if you are an experienced singer or teacher and don’t really have these kinds of questions anymore, what do you think are important questions others should have to maximize their development?

You can leave your questions in the comments below. And if there are too many good ones maybe there will be more than one book. :) Oh, and please Share, Re-Tweet and Good-Ol-Fashioned Word-of-Mouth this post to others for their questions too. The more the merrier!

Thank you all.