Today in the US we observe the life’s work of Martin Luther King, Jr. He is easily recognized as the most influential leader of the civil rights movement. But from high school, around the time the Government created the MLK holiday, I have had great respect for the work of Dr. King more than perhaps any other significant person in modern US history.

It might seem because his “day” often coincides with my birthday, as it does this year. But From the first time I heard his speeches I felt a strong affinity for what he stood for. He said things that I could hear myself say.

Since he is most associated with the civil rights movement many think of him as a leader of Blacks. But the reason I feel a connection to him is because I see him as a leader of people.

He spoke the truth, and truth doesn’t see color or creed. He was hated because of the color of his skin, but he spoke to those people as well as the ones who loved him.

I guess that is what it comes down to for me. Speaking the truth. And because of that and what he gave for us to recognize truth I ask you to think about what he was asking of us. Learn something about what he taught. Listen to or watch a speech of his.

As I mention, today is not only MLK day, but it is also my Birthday. For as long as I can remember my B-Day has always been a day that I feel generous. I have always wanted to give more on this day than any other, which seems a little backwards. And maybe that is why.

So in the spirit of my Birthday I am giving you the gift of a free, live 15 minute consultation. Just contact me through my Contact page and tell me you want to accept my offer. No strings, no obligation, no catch.

And to add to the fun, I’ll only be accepting replies until the end of tomorrow, Jan. 22, 12:00 midnight, CDT. This is my “Thank You” for reading this post in a timely fashion.