Hello Michael,

In one of David Jones’ articles he mentions the importance of the lips and jaw curling backwards after the pronunciation of every consonant. This according to him helps the larynx to remain in its rightful place. How does one do this? I have just discovered your site and it is informative. I am happy to know that you are a student of David Jones. I have just ordered his CD. I look forward with excitement to receiving the CD. Your site is great!!


Thanks for writing in with your question. Another way of saying this, and the way I think of it, is to stretch the jaw a little with every vowel. Mr. Lindquest taught this by having people chew very slowly in small movements and then repeat the action when singing the vowel. Not only does it help keep the larynx in the proper position, it also keeps the muscles of the jaw flexible so they don’t cause the tone to sound tight. This is because when they flex in a closing direction they sympathetically cause the muscles of the throat to close. If we think of the muscles of the jaw stretching it helps release the throat space open as well.