Ok… I am an 18 year old professional stage actor who usually works in musicals. I am a great singer, but for some reason, my voice pretty much can only do a high song once a show. I can push it out once and then my throat will no longer hit the notes,making a warm up almost fatal. As well, I got hurt a while back (an injury to my larynx) and since then my throat is constantly filled with mucus… whats the best way to work around this, or whats the best thing to drink right before singing to take care of it? thanks!


From what you are telling me it sounds like you are not using your voice well. A warm-up should get you in tune with your body and voice so that it functions easier, not wear it out before the show. Another thing is the song may not be right for your voice causing you to force the voice in order to “hit the notes”. When you say “I can push it out once and then my throat will no longer hit the notes” it tells me what is wrong. The sound doesn’t need to be pushed out. If you do that you force the breath out overloading the larynx. The larynx needs to balance with the breath so it vibrates with regularity which maximizes resonance. Using the voice any other way is abusive to it to some degree. Unfortunately there is no way to work around it, and no drink is going to help with the real problem. What you need to do is get trained in the proper manner of using your voice before you develop a serious problem like vocal damage.