Dear Mr. Mayer,
I am a Vocal Performance Major, I’ve had a couple of teachers recently and each are different the first taught a mixture of techniques some from Lindquist and the second teacher basically focuses on no tension at all in the face , jaw, body etc. Well, now I feel like I sing with more tension the wrong posture and my support seems like belly support (not diaphragm ). What is worse is that each one has switched my Fach so now I don’t know which is correct. The only thing that has helped me is that I bought David Jones CD and I go to his website and yours and read the articles. But I don’t really know how to apply the techniques and if I’m doing them correctly.

I am sorry to hear of your confusing paths. Unfortunately that is too common among developing singers these days. I was just working with students this week on the problem of a lack of good tension causing unwanted tension. If you set up the body correctly there will be flexible tension appropriate for good singing. Then, when the body and voice is functioning correctly, it will tell you what your voice type is. The fach comes later after you have developed. The issue of support is another misunderstood concept that I was just discussing with students. Support happens from doing the correct coordination with the body, it is not something you try to do as in “support the tone”. If your posture is correct and you use your vocal mechanism in a balanced manner the voice will be supported.