Jun 22 2011


I was humbled but excited to receive this Testimonial from a client yesterday.


I am a singer in the Los Angeles area. I have studied with the cream of the crop in this city since I was a teenager. Sadly, after spending vast amounts of money throughout those years on lessons, my main issue remained unabated. Finding Michael was a miracle for me. In just a handful of lessons, ON SKYPE!, I was using my voice with more confidence and freedom than I ever have. Michael’s teachings are by far the most effective experience I have had of voice instruction. He is deeply intuitive and has an ear that can only be described as a gift. He can hear and diagnose a problem with lightening speed, even over SKYPE, thousands of miles away. He is 100% present and his teachings reach multiple levels of, not just the act of singing, but also of being. This is an important aspect of singing that has never been addressed in my experience. Michael has enormous depth of knowledge of the art of singing and the instrument itself. His special gift is that he is able to convey his knowledge in understandable, applicable concepts that truly transform the experience of singing into a joyous act. Michael also knows intuitively how and when to lead the student out of the world of the mind/learning and into the world of instinctual singing, being, and trusting the body to do what it knows how to do by its very nature. These teachings are beautiful and generous and deeply inspiring. The generosity Michael shows in each and every teaching time is astounding. With one simple question, you will find yourself blown away with transformational information. Get your tape recorder ready because you will want to write down every word!

Kimberly Haynes
Los Angeles, CA

  1. Brian Blum

    Having studied with Michael over Skype for quite some time, I can only second everything Kimberly said. She writes beautifully and generously much as Michael teaches. It’s truly amazing to work with Michael over Skype (webcam helps, to be sure) and have him correct something. I use a program called Total Recorder and record the entire lesson, including video! I’ve never had complete audio & visual recordings of lessons before, and it’s awesome to be able to review lessons recently had, particularly if I’ve had an “epiphany” of sorts where another piece of the puzzle clicked in for me. How highly do I think of Michael’s training? Well, I’m moving from Michigan to Minneapolis to wrap up my training for a full time opera career around the end of July, and it’s not because of the mild winters there (!), and we hardly know anyone there besides Michael and his wife, Gina (and two beautiful little ones too!). Michael is so good that I’m dropping everything to finish with him…his teaching, as Kimberly so eloquently writes, is a nearly unbelievable combination of technical acumen and what could be described as a metaphysical approach to singing as well. Meaning…the focus on technical teaching seems almost like a pointer to nudge the voice in the proper direction, rather than obsessing over any one point in the teaching process. Gotta run because I’ve got a Skype session with Michael in about 45 minutes! Cheers to all…glad to hear Michael’s got another deeply satisfied client, but I can’t say I’m shocked.

  2. Awwwww. Big smile. Brian – you are so right! Congratulations on your upcoming move! I don’t why, but your testimonial brought tears of joy to my eyes and I don’t even know you! LOL Michael’s teachings have been a profoundly metaphysical experience for me – that was a good word. I never imagined such a thing possible.

    Thank you, Michael, so much. And congratulations again Brian. I will definitely be looking into Total Recorder. ;-)

  3. Ron Rutger

    Hi Michael,

    Interesting reading. I think that politeness and respect for the teacher is important. I have always honored that attitude towards my teachers. If I didn´t enjoy a teachers teaching for some reasons I took my voice and left. Still I meet one of my former teachers ocassionally in the streets or in the supermarkets in a friendly manner and we talk about singing technic and enjoy the moment. I know that most of the teachers I have met wanted the best for me and even if they wasn´t succesfull in helping me to get a working singing technic I don´t blame them. Much of the reason that I didn´t became a professional singer was that I lacked enough discipline and didn´t realize at the time that to develope the voice was a long undertaking. Some teachers was dishonest to me and when I discovered that I left laughing. Some teachers I admired very much. One teacher I met in Salt Lake City. I had a great time studing with her. She was funny, drove her car very fast though whe was quite an old woman and sang like an angle. She was one of my absolute favourite teachers becauce she encourage me so much. But there was only so many lessons and than the day came and I had to leave for home again with a sad heart not able to come back. We never saw each other again. One famous New York teacher had me to scream with full lungs and I left his studio hoarse and glad I escaped. His books is in my bookshelves. Another teacher I once met was from New York. That´s a funny story but it takes to much time to tell you about that. Her book is also in my bookshelves. Michael you mentioned David Jones. I met him once and enjoyed his teaching very much. But what can you learn from one lesson. He is a marvelous teacher.

    Bad and positive experiences sort of balance in my life. Mostly it makes me laugh but also make me sorrow that I never found the true freedom in singing. Sometimes I feel I am close to it only to discover it was one of my endless dreams. Nowadays I don´t regret that I didn´t became a professional singer. I wait to the next lifetime (lol).

    Michael do you teach singers, in Europe on Skype despite the time difference? Stockholm is about seven (7) hours ahead of Minneapolis. Hopefully I am not impolite when asking how much you charge for a 45 minute lesson?

    Look forward to your Vocal Wisdom Notes! Have a good time.



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