Sometimes people don’t realize that I am an active Voice Coach and am available to work with.

I can help you learn to use your voice better through better understanding of the proper functioning of the body as a musical instrument.

If you are interested in exploring the concepts I present on this site contact me and we will figure out an option that works for you.

My personal coaching is done in person and over the Internet on Skype.




My response will be 10-15 minutes. I will explain what I observe and give you advice that will help improve what you are doing. Obviously this won’t make everything perfect, but it can be a very helpful step to get you moving in the right direction quickly.

One of the biggest challenges of studying the voice is not being sure what is the right way. Even when working with a teacher it can be very confusing. It is common to feel like there are several ways it can be done. Without guidance and reasoning we never are really sure which way to go.

So that is what I am offering. Guidance and explanation of why we want to go that direction with our voice.

If the concepts you see here at interest you and are curious how you can apply them to your voice, contact me below. Thanks.

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Full "Training" Session

These sessions are $100 each and last a little over an hour.

They can be a one time thing or ongoing. Whatever fits your goals the best.

These sessions include using vocal exercises to learn how to coordinate the various aspects of good vocalization.

After working on vocal coordination we will practice applying the concepts to actual music that you want to sing.

Half "Coaching" Session

Half sessions are also available for $60.

These are not appropriate for full training but can be very effective for checking up on how you are using the voice.

These sessions don’t have time for the same degree of instruction on vocal coordination through exercises.

We will mainly focus on coaching coordination while singing repertoire.

Recorded Consultation

I also can do recorded consultations.

These are $20 and involve recording yourself demonstrating the vocal issues you would like me to address.

Ideally this should be video, but I can still give effective feedback with audio recordings.

Your recording should be limited to 5 minutes.

So it is important to try to demonstrate your issue and try to focus on just one thing.

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