G. B. Lamperti was a historical voice teacher that left many lessons through the book Vocal Wisdom. I feel these are the most accurate teachings we have available to us and I try to explain the concepts in these video lessons.

In this one I address Lamperti’s statement that “Singing is humming with the mouth open.”

From the book “Vocal Wisdom” – “The ‘hum’ is the initial vibration… Controlled, it unifies the whole voice, equalizing all registers, head, medium and chest, eliminating ‘attack’ and ‘breaks’…

Failure to sing well comes from four sources: – loose breathing, mouthing words, spreading voice and disjointed muscular efforts.

Singing will be awkward unless focussed vibration, distinct pronunciation and compressed breathing remain inseparably linked together.

To retain sensations, and continue the feeling of coordination of singing, without constricting the throat or stiffening the muscles of the body, marks the great singer.

Many confuse this ease of united action with relaxation, because laborious effort ceases.”

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