Q&A: Help to Assess my Voice Teacher

I am studying under a vocal teacher, although I am in constant doubt, because what she teaches sometimes contradicts what you and David Jones teach. (Pure venting: for one thing, she is the “more breath” kind of teacher. For another thing, she often requests me to...

Comment About Role of the Teacher

Hi, first of all, I want to thank you for your this blog and all the information in it… I just read some previous post and comments…I noticed some people questioned about your capacity as voice instructor…well, I’d like to say that being a...

Q&A – Finding a Voice Teacher

I used to sing when I was younger (18 and under) and always thought I would pursue music. However after getting married I left it all behind. I had always been told that I have a very pleasant and soothing voice over the years. I missed music but lost interest in it...

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