Video – Head Voice or Falsetto

There are a lot of differing opinions about what Head Voice and Falsetto are. Some use the terms interchangeably while others consider them to be different things. I am one that thinks of them as different. For me Head Voice is a true voice that is generally...

Video – Jaw Tension

Here is a video discussing a common issue – Jaw Tension. When we experience Jaw Tension we naturally desire to get rid of it. Usually this involves attempts to relax the tension. We assume that if we eliminate the tension we will be OK. What we don’t...

Video – Open Throat

Today I have a video discussing the concept of an Open Throat. We certainly need an open throat when we sing in order for the larynx to be free and flexible. An open throat is also necessary for us to resonate appropriately. So see if you find anything new in these...

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