Inconsistent Vibrato

Michael, I found you via David Jones. He has recommended that I contact you to pursue some vocal training. I have sung in various choirs over many years and love to sing. However, I’ve been disappointed in that I’m not able to sing with vibrato...

Question about Larynx Moving with the Vibrato

I have a question about something I have just started experiencing. When there is vibrato in the voice, the larynx starts moving slightly up and down – it has never happened to me before, what is that? The bobbing of your larynx is a sign of release. That can be...

Q&A – Vibrato

Hello, I am an aspiring singer and I was wondering about the vibrato. I know that you must have the proper training in order to develop it, but I was wondering why small children have it and I don’t? For instance, The Jackson Five’s lead singer, Michael...

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