Q&A – Vocal Problems

I am suffering from hoarseness while singing and i cannot sing in a soft tone anymore. I have chronic laryngitis, and its pretty annoying because that is causing a lot of problem to my voice. I have been to several ENTs but they all said my throat is fine, there are...

Q&A – Mezza Voce

I have a question regarding technique, in this case the (almost) lost art of mezza voce. For all his brilliant top notes I think some of Jussi Björling’s most memorable moments are those in which he is able to sing a high note softly but with a full ravishing...

Q&A – Correct Tension

Dear Mr. Mayer, I am a Vocal Performance Major, I’ve had a couple of teachers recently and each are different the first taught a mixture of techniques some from Lindquist and the second teacher basically focuses on no tension at all in the face , jaw, body etc....

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