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Q&A: The Process of Breathing

I found your article about compression and breathing into the back very interesting. I’ve had a heck of a time trying to get my head around proper breathing – ‘working’ techniques seem to come and go with varying success, though vocal fatigue is usually inevitable whatever I try. I’ve got a great singing teacher who’s… Continue Reading

Q&A – Belly Breathing

While we are still on the discussion of “normal breathing” versus “breathing for the purpose of singing,” I should bring up something that has puzzled me for a while now. One popular method of breathing and supporting nowadays seems to be “belly breathing,” where the singer is told to keep the chest down, let the… Continue Reading


Michael, Thank you for your very interesting comments about phonation. I’ve never heard it discussed before. I studied voice for four years in my twenties, but neither of my teachers mentioned it. They concentrated on breath. Your judgment about Jussi’s singing is exactly right. His singing is so easy. I’d always thought it was a… Continue Reading

Q&A – Correct Tension

Dear Mr. Mayer, I am a Vocal Performance Major, I’ve had a couple of teachers recently and each are different the first taught a mixture of techniques some from Lindquist and the second teacher basically focuses on no tension at all in the face , jaw, body etc. Well, now I feel like I sing… Continue Reading