Q&A: Help to Assess my Voice Teacher

I am studying under a vocal teacher, although I am in constant doubt, because what she teaches sometimes contradicts what you and David Jones teach. (Pure venting: for one thing, she is the “more breath” kind of teacher. For another thing, she often requests me to...

Q&A: The Process of Breathing

I found your article about compression and breathing into the back very interesting. I’ve had a heck of a time trying to get my head around proper breathing – ‘working’ techniques seem to come and go with varying success, though vocal fatigue...

Q&A: What is your personal daily routine?

On the one hand, how do you personally warm up your voice, exercise it and warm it down. Especially helpful would be some guidelines on repetition count or time duration per exercise (if general guidelines can be formulated that would be even better), as I’m...

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