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Jussi Bjorling Presentation

First, I want to say thank you for the many responses to my request for your two biggest questions about the voice. These give me lots of ideas of what you want to learn and understand better. (And if you didn’t respond you are still welcome to do so. See the previous blog post for… Continue Reading

Jussi Björling Anniversary

On this date 50 years ago the Swedish tenor Jussi Björling died in his sleep. He was 49 years old. Regular readers of this blog are probably aware of my admiration for this singer. I feel he is the closest to a perfect example of healthy singing function we have available to reference and model.… Continue Reading

Good Singing is Natural by Jussi Björling

A conference With Jussi Björling Internationally Distinguished Tenor. Leading Tenor of the Metropolitan Opera Secured expressly for The Etude by Myles Fellowes (October, 1940, Vol LVIII, No. 10, p. 655) Each year new groups of young people find that they have voices and set about discovering the best and surest means of developing them. Thus,… Continue Reading


Michael, Thank you for your very interesting comments about phonation. I’ve never heard it discussed before. I studied voice for four years in my twenties, but neither of my teachers mentioned it. They concentrated on breath. Your judgment about Jussi’s singing is exactly right. His singing is so easy. I’d always thought it was a… Continue Reading