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In today’s class I’m addressing a couple of questions about vocal fatigue. This is an issue for pretty much all of us to some degree. But for those of us with a greater imbalance in the vocal function fatigue can become a serious concern. For the most extreme cases it can even lead to vocal… Continue Reading

Q&A: Vocal Cord Resistance

I would like to inquire about resisting the breath with the vocal cords. I’m having difficulty with the image you give of resisting with the larger muscles first then without. Could you explain it in a more detailed way or in another way, I would like to pursue its study. _______________________________________________________ This is a subtle… Continue Reading

Q&A – Proper Glottal Closure at Larynx

Do you have some suggestions about how to get proper closure at the larynx? ———————————————————— This is a very important question to get correct. In some training we hear a lot about glottal/cord closure. And in others there is never a mention of the vocal cords or even the larynx. These teachers even say, flat… Continue Reading