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Welcome to the next episode of the masterclass Podcast Series. Before getting to the next episode I want to thank the several people who have contributed financially using the Donate button on the Home Page. That is certainly a welcome way to show how much you value the video classes. Thank You! Now, today’s… Continue Reading

What Makes a Good Voice Teacher

A long-time reader contributed these comments to my post about Vocal Problems. I felt they were so important I made a post just for them so they wouldn’t be missed. She speaks from many years of experience and I appreciate her continued support. I hope everyone finds something they can learn, I did. —————————————————————————————————————————- Michael:… Continue Reading

Comment on Cecilia Bartoli

Decibelomaniac…I had the pleasure of hearing Ms Bartoli in the greatest and most important halls in Europe, with – contrary to some US halls – marvelous acoustics. E.g. the Berlin Philharmonic with almost 3000 seats – she filled and coloured the air and brought to us the joy and energy of singing and life.No, no… Continue Reading

Weekly Wisdom – Free the Production

“The only way to overcome vocal difficulties is to free the production – the response in physical functioning of the singing instrument to the demand for tone. This free functioning of the singing instrument produces the free tone as an effect. We condition the living instrument to such a degree that it can answer, without… Continue Reading