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Detailed Explanation of the “Farinelli Breathing Exercise”

A reader of this blog wrote in response to the posts about breathing exercises. She gave a wonderful explanation of the exercise referenced as the “Farinelli Exercise”. I asked her if I could post it and she agreed. So hear it is. —————————————————————————- Dear Michael: I was rereading your blog and noticed a mention by… Continue Reading

More Questions about Breathing

I would like to know how much emphasis is put on silent breathing exercises by this school. I’m eagerly waiting for Mr. Jones’ book, but it was not published yet.I came up with another doubt. I perceive that somehow many singers take the admonition of suspending the breath too far and sing in apnea, I… Continue Reading

Another Comment on Breathing

I think that at least 50% of singing is knowing how to breath and how to spare the breath. When one reads the old masters of bel canto (Mancini, Tosi, Garcia, Francesco e Giovanni Lamperti), they all agree with that, and always emphasize the importance of breathing exercises.Montserrat Caballè, for example, declared that at the… Continue Reading

Breath IS the Problem

I have many people come to me either in person or over the Internet with some problem or other and tell me that their last teacher told them they needed to remedy the issue with more breath. This advice has tended to be the solution to every vocal problem for many teachers. I have even… Continue Reading


Michael, Thank you for your very interesting comments about phonation. I’ve never heard it discussed before. I studied voice for four years in my twenties, but neither of my teachers mentioned it. They concentrated on breath. Your judgment about Jussi’s singing is exactly right. His singing is so easy. I’d always thought it was a… Continue Reading