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Q&A – Vowel Modification in Classical Singing

I know there are a few different opinions on vowel modification for classical singers. One: to indeed change the vowel toward (UH or OE) when ascending the scale. or Two: to not change the vowel but adjust the space or shape of the resonators but still think the pure vowel as you ascend. And lastly,… Continue Reading

Q&A – Hoarse Voice After Singing

Hello, one of my students gets a hoarse voice after even short bouts of singing and it appears she has a good technique. what do you suggest? She’s been to the ENT and that showed nothing. ———————————————————————– Thanks for sharing your question with me. Obviously I can’t give you a definite answer without hearing her.… Continue Reading

Inconsistent Vibrato

Michael, I found you via David Jones. He has recommended that I contact you to pursue some vocal training. I have sung in various choirs over many years and love to sing. However, I’ve been disappointed in that I’m not able to sing with vibrato seems to occur “at will” and not on command.… Continue Reading

Question about the Separation of the Registers

What do you think about the approach of separating falsetto and chest muscles and then when they are strong enough, coordinate them? I have come across threads in the forum at and it seems like a few active people there advocate that. For example: singing forte in pure falsetto on “OO” or “EE” around… Continue Reading