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Our Relationship With the Mirror

There is a great benefit to using a mirror in your practice. Actually, there are benefits on more than one level. You might be familiar with using a mirror in your practice to observe various aspects of yourself while you sing. The obvious things we can use this for are checking on our posture, mouth… Continue Reading

Detailed Explanation of the “Farinelli Breathing Exercise”

A reader of this blog wrote in response to the posts about breathing exercises. She gave a wonderful explanation of the exercise referenced as the “Farinelli Exercise”. I asked her if I could post it and she agreed. So hear it is. —————————————————————————- Dear Michael: I was rereading your blog and noticed a mention by… Continue Reading

Good Singing is Natural by Jussi Björling

A conference With Jussi Björling Internationally Distinguished Tenor. Leading Tenor of the Metropolitan Opera Secured expressly for The Etude by Myles Fellowes (October, 1940, Vol LVIII, No. 10, p. 655) Each year new groups of young people find that they have voices and set about discovering the best and surest means of developing them. Thus,… Continue Reading


Posture Setting up the structure of our instrument By Michael J. Mayer In this installment of the Fundamentals of Singing series I would like to address the topic of posture. Not limiting this concept to just the posture of the body, we will apply it to each aspect of our instrument in order to best… Continue Reading


EmotionsThe Well from which Flows the Spring of Song It is generally accepted that the Human Being consists of three parts, the Mind, Body, and Emotion. Often, Emotion is referred to as the spirit, soul, or heart. For the purpose of this article these terms will be considered interchangeable. Researchers into peak performance are finding… Continue Reading

How to Sing by David Björling

This publication was written by the great tenor Jussi Björling’s father, who taught Jussi and his brothers when they were children. Much of the pamphlet addresses the care and upbringing of children, which I have omitted. The rest is included verbatim. David Björling received his training at the Metropolitan Opera School in New York and… Continue Reading

Fundamentals of Singing

The Fundamentals of Singing –The Causes of the Effects We Seek ByMichael J. Mayer As I observe the current state of singing, I notice that there is a lack of agreement among voice teachers regarding cause and effect in singing. Much of teaching is concerned with effects, the result of our singing, and not with… Continue Reading