Singing Through a Straw

I was asked about a popular exercise for vocal rehab. Singing through a straw. I have since been told that it is supposed to be done with a stirring straw, which is smaller than a standard drinking straw that I used. But I think my observations are still valid. If you have tried this please… Continue Reading

Video – Posture for Singing

Today I have a video talking about Posture for Singing. This is a pretty well recognized topic for singers. And I think most people would agree that it is important. But even though the general opinion agrees with the importance of the topic, I still think in practice it isn’t actually performed as well as… Continue Reading Masterclass Podcast #0008 – Recovering Your Voice After Allergies or Illness

We’re back with the eighth episode of the Masterclass Podcast series. I apologize for the hiatus, I moved my office into a new room and it took some time getting that situated. Then for much of the Spring I dealt with seasonal allergies that kept my voice out of commission. So I’m back with… Continue Reading Masterclass Podcast #0007 – Singing Non-Classical Styles With Good Function Masterclass Podcast #0007 – Singing Non-Classical Styles With Good Function

Welcome to the next episode of the masterclass Podcast Series. Before getting to the next episode I want to thank the several people who have contributed financially using the Donate button on the Home Page. That is certainly a welcome way to show how much you value the video classes. Thank You! Now, today’s… Continue Reading

Video – Jaw Tension

Video – Jaw Tension

Here is a video discussing a common issue – Jaw Tension. When we experience Jaw Tension we naturally desire to get rid of it. Usually this involves attempts to relax the tension. We assume that if we eliminate the tension we will be OK. What we don’t recognize about tension in the body is it… Continue Reading

Video – Open Throat

Video – Open Throat

Today I have a video discussing the concept of an Open Throat. We certainly need an open throat when we sing in order for the larynx to be free and flexible. An open throat is also necessary for us to resonate appropriately. So see if you find anything new in these ideas about the common… Continue Reading Masterclass Podcast #0003 – Dealing with Vocal Fatigue Masterclass Podcast #0003 – Dealing with Vocal Fatigue

In today’s class I’m addressing a couple of questions about vocal fatigue. This is an issue for pretty much all of us to some degree. But for those of us with a greater imbalance in the vocal function fatigue can become a serious concern. For the most extreme cases it can even lead to vocal… Continue Reading Masterclass Podcast #0001- Compressed Breath, Natural Vibrato Masterclass Podcast #0001- Compressed Breath, Natural Vibrato

Here is a new chapter in the history – the debut of the Masterclass Podcast. These will be sessions where I will answer the many questions I receive from readers about various aspects of the voice. These will be available in both Audio and Video. So if you are able to watch the… Continue Reading

New Year

Here we are starting another new year. This is the time we traditionally make resolutions and set goals to improve our lives. Unfortunately, for many their resolutions don’t last beyond January. I’ve never been a big resolution person. I’ve always tried to just consistently improve whatever I am working on. But there is a strategy… Continue Reading

The Starting Point for Every Vocal Question

I recently asked the community to share with me the two biggest questions they have about their voice, and the response was great. There were questions of all different kinds. There were general questions that most of us have had at some point. There were very specific questions that addressed a particular issue that… Continue Reading

Jussi Bjorling Presentation

First, I want to say thank you for the many responses to my request for your two biggest questions about the voice. These give me lots of ideas of what you want to learn and understand better. (And if you didn’t respond you are still welcome to do so. See the previous blog post for… Continue Reading

Announcement and a Favor

Hello, I’m working on a new class and I could use your help. If you could do me a favor, I’d really appreciate it if you could answer a question for me. What are your two top questions about your voice? Now, I know I’ve asked this before, but there are a lot of new… Continue Reading

Our Relationship With the Mirror

There is a great benefit to using a mirror in your practice. Actually, there are benefits on more than one level. You might be familiar with using a mirror in your practice to observe various aspects of yourself while you sing. The obvious things we can use this for are checking on our posture, mouth… Continue Reading

Q&A – Tenor Registration

Dear Michael, I discovered your website only a couple of days ago, and it’s already starting to become one of my favorites on vocal technique. Keep up the great work! One thing that has always puzzled me (and to some degree still does), is the subject of vocal registers and the ambiguous terminology used by… Continue Reading

Why I Avoid Scientific Explanations

I often receive questions about vocal topics, and recently I was asked if I could give a description of my work in more scientific terms. They said that someone they wanted discuss this with is very rooted in voice science, and they felt they could make a better impression if they could discuss my concepts… Continue Reading

Exercise Habits for the Singer

What other habits have you integrated into your daily routine unrelated to the actual act of singing, especially regarding physical fitness. (I’ve already seen some general guidelines like drinking enough, being aware of surrounding noise, etc., so I’m more intrigued to know more about the physical exercise part) ____________________________________________ Regarding physical fitness or non-singing exercise,… Continue Reading