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Hello! There are some new things brewing here at and I just wanted to give you a little glimpse of what is coming. First, if you have visited the site recently you probably noticed that we are going through a renovation. Everything is still there, it just looks different. Second, I am working on… Continue Reading

Q&A: Vocal Cord Resistance

I would like to inquire about resisting the breath with the vocal cords. I’m having difficulty with the image you give of resisting with the larger muscles first then without. Could you explain it in a more detailed way or in another way, I would like to pursue its study. _______________________________________________________ This is a subtle… Continue Reading

Q&A: The Process of Breathing

I found your article about compression and breathing into the back very interesting. I’ve had a heck of a time trying to get my head around proper breathing – ‘working’ techniques seem to come and go with varying success, though vocal fatigue is usually inevitable whatever I try. I’ve got a great singing teacher who’s… Continue Reading

Singing with a Cold

One of the biggest challenges to the singer is the common cold. Generally a cold is not a particularly severe illness, and the average person tends to be able to perform their normal daily activities without much effect. It is basically not much more than a nuisance. But to the singer that nuisance can be… Continue Reading

Re-Post: Remembering 9/11

It has been a while since I’ve put something new up on the blog. My time and energy has been devoted to singing projects. But I want to get started back posting information here more consistently. Since today is 9/11/13 I thought I would re-post my remembrance of 9/11 I wrote two years ago on… Continue Reading

I’m Quitting!

I received this email the other day and I think he has made a valid argument. Your article on Jonas Kaufman was truly ridiculous. I’ve also a degree in voice, I’ve been studying singing 20 years, and have students. I think anyone who harps on about the anatomical facets of vocal production to be a… Continue Reading

My Biggest Vocal Mistake

Recently I subbed for my church choir. I had been the Tenor section leader/soloist for a few years but resigned two and a half years ago. I had a similar position in Greenwich, Connecticut when I lived in New York. Classical Singers will be familiar with these “Church Jobs”. The catch-22 with these positions is… Continue Reading

Martin Luther King, Jr

Today in the US we observe the life’s work of Martin Luther King, Jr. He is easily recognized as the most influential leader of the civil rights movement. But from high school, around the time the Government created the MLK holiday, I have had great respect for the work of Dr. King more than perhaps… Continue Reading

Celebrating 10 Years of VocalWisdom

Happy New Year to everyone! I recently realized that 2012 marked the 10 year anniversary of So better late than never, right? It is hard to believe that it has been over 10 years since I started writing about the voice. I started not long after I moved to New York to study… Continue Reading

Remembering Zig Ziglar

I learned today of the passing of motivational speaker Zig Ziglar yesterday. I admit I am not an avid reader of his material, but I did read a couple of his books when I was in college. And when I have come across his quotes I have always found them helpful. In fact, I have… Continue Reading

The Importance of Fach

I know I’ve been out of touch for a while and some of you are noticing. I know this because you’ve told me. So I’m going to get back to business and share with you what is new with me. In late May I had a pretty exciting experience. My mentor, David Jones, was in… Continue Reading

Q&A – Freely Accessing Upper Register

There are some things about singing that I am not completely understanding. I studied voice for 4 years as a baritone. This past fall, I went to grad school and switched to tenor, as I knew that I was never really a baritone. What I am not exactly getting is how to freely access my… Continue Reading

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College Singer Testimonial

I received this testimonial from a college singer that I have worked with 3 or 4 times. She has a regular teacher at school and wanted to see me to figure out a few things that just weren’t working for her. She told me about her experiences with some of the teachers she had seen… Continue Reading

New Testimonial

This is a testimonial from a professional soprano in London. We have worked together for three 2+ hour sessions. We had a break and now are starting back up again. I promise she is real, but her Manager advised that she not have her name published. I am totally OK with that. It is an… Continue Reading

Singer Spotlight – John McCormack

In recognition of St. Patrick’s Day I’ll highlight the most well-known Irish singer, tenor John McCormack. From Wikipedia: John Count McCormack, in full, John Francis Count McCormack (14 June 1884 – 16 September 1945) was a world-famous Irish tenor singer, celebrated for his performances of the operatic and popular song repertoires, and renowned for his… Continue Reading

Do Not Yawn!

This is the title of a section from the book “Vocal Wisdom” that was my main inspiration into vocal research. It is an organized collection of quotes from lessons with Giovanni Battista Lamperti. It is interesting that even in that time (1891-1893) there was the problem of people yawning to enlarge the voice. From the… Continue Reading

A Christmas Story

I received this story in a newsletter and wanted to share it. There is something inspiring in it, at least to me. Plus, it tells the story of how one of the most loved Christmas stories came to be. Hope everyone had a nice holiday. ————————————————————- True Story of Rudolph A man named Robert L.… Continue Reading

NOT How to Sing Opera

I came across this on YouTube while looking at different vocal instruction videos. I’m just sampling what is out there because I’m working on launching a video instruction service. I saw the headline “How To Sing Opera – Lesson 1 – The Key is Kermit”, and I thought, “this will be interesting.” Well, once I… Continue Reading